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Cuba producing modern electric motorcycles

MotosThe first 100, 60 volt LT 1060 electric motorcycles with a 1,000 Watt three phase motor and produced by the city’s Ángel Villarreal Bravo Industrial Enterprise, recently went on sale.

The new model, able to reach speeds of up to 50 km per hour, is an improved version of that previously produced by the factory. The motorcycle is also equipped with a remote control security system, digital dashboard, and brake pads, among other characteristics, according to Elier Pérez Pérez, deputy director of the entity.

The LT 1060, 5,000 units of which are set to be produced this year, with the majority of components sourced from the People’s Republic of China, retail for 1,261 CUC.

The director also highlighted that studies into the production cycle are currently being carried out with other Cuban enterprises, in order to reduce production costs. He went on to mention the possibilities of manufacturing the bike’s metal frame in the country, as well as chargers, electrical boxes, other parts and accessories.

The plant also produces wheelchairs, an item highly sought-after by the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) for hospitals and bed-ridden patients, manufacturing close to 1,500 last year; a figure which should rise considerably this 2017, according to David Rodríguez head of Ángel Villareal’s sales department.

The facility will also begin production of other models of less powerful electric and mechanical motorcycles, as well as more wheel chairs; of which the enterprise has manufactured over 79,000 units for Minsap and the Cuban Association of Disabled People (Aclifim), since 2007 when production began, noted the director.


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