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The University of Camagüey supporting international collaboration

Universidad CamagueyOver 200 professionals from Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia are currently undertaking their Masters and PhD studies at the Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz University of Camagüey (UC).

At end of 2016, graduates from Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic represented the largest number of international Masters and PhD students at the university, followed by those from Angola, Djibouti, Burkina Faso, and Vietnam, according to a data report from the UC’s Management Department.

Among its postgraduate courses the institution offers degrees in Educational Sciences, Architecture, Business Administration, and Mathematics Instruction.

Speaking to ACN, Elio Pérez Ramírez, UC director of postgraduate studies, explained that Masters Degree programs are curriculum based, with students required to take certain compulsory modules related to their specialty, and write a final thesis.

PhD degree courses include a tutorial provision, in which researchers conduct research into a specific issue related to their specialty, he added.

The UC’s international collaboration program is also benefiting 91 students from Africa and Asia, on scholarships studying subjects such as Civil Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, and English Language.

Iliana Delgado Crespo, the university’s international academic relations specialist, told ACN that the institution has been receiving foreign students since 1970, when its international cooperation program was first launched.
The presence of students from other nations in Cuban universities allows for academic and professional exchanges, and the continual modernization of institutions.


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