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Science: A priority for Cuba’s development

Cuba cienciaCuba is prioritizing science as an essential part of its development agenda, stated the island’s Ambassador to UNESCO, Dulce Buergo, November 14.

During activities taking place in the context of World Science Day for Peace and Development, the Cuban official stated that the policy will allow the country to attain important achievements in this sphere, as well as share experiences and contributions with the international scientific community.

As reported by Prensa Latina, she highlighted the important contribution made by women to the development of science on the island.
In this sense, Buergo recalled the words of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, who in January 1960 stated that “the future of our homeland must necessarily be a future of men and women of science.”

UNESCO celebrated World Science Day with activities led by the organization’s Deputy Director General Getachew Engida.

During these events, the need was highlighted to link science more closely with society in order to broaden potential knowledge, as well as promote sources of innovation and creativity toward achieving sustainable, inclusive development with social justice for all.

Meanwhile, the responsibility of scientific centers and museums toward promoting careers in the field, above all, among children and youth – key to developing and expanding collective scientific knowledge – was also emphasized.

(Prensa Latina)

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