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FIHAV ends, business begins

Feria habana negociosPresenting Cuba’s Foreign Investment Portfolio, consolidating existing commercial ties, and diversifying international economic relations, with a focus on priority projects for the country’s development, are among the key aims of the 34th edition of the Havana International Trade Fair (Fihav 2016), which ends today, November 4, leaving Cuba’s business sector to solidify alliances and new projects.

The presentation, this November 4, of over 40 exportable products and 30 services by the University of Computer Sciences (UCI), reflects the country’s aim of increasingly inserting itself into the international market and promoting innovation.

Academic and publishing services, as well as the development of multimedia products, data management systems, industrial computing, and business solutions, feature among offers by the UCI, which hopes to become a high-tech digital city with a staff of some 20,000 people, according to Miriam Nicado García, a member of the Party Political Bureau and rector of the institution.

National Chile and UK day are also taking place during the final event of Fihav 2016, where interest in continuing to expand trade ties, in accordance with the economic transformations taking place in the country, is being reaffirmed.

Cuba’s exportable goods and services portfolio is set to be presented today, before the closing ceremony in Havana’s Convention Center.


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