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New solar park under construction in Cienfuegos

Planta solar cienfuegosFollowing the start of earthworks March 2, 2016 in a rocky area – which complicated operations – the El Pino photovoltaic solar park is now halfway to completion.The small solar park, located in the municipality of Rodas, is being constructed at a total cost of 6,540,000 CUP.

Speaking to Granma, Jesús Rey Pérez Crespo, director of the Cienfuegos Electric Enterprise, noted that although the entity is managing the project, the construction and final assembly of the park is being carried out by the Ministry of Construction, while the contractor, Renewable Sources and Energy Investment Enterprise, and the Architectural Works Entity (ECOA-37) are providing fundamental support to the project.

The director also noted that El Pino will have a generating capacity of 2.2 megawatts (MW), with 3,520 platforms, 880 mount-units and 8,800 panels.

Pérez Crespo went on to state that operations are scheduled to begin December 2, raising to province’s total generating capacity to 11.2MW which will feed directly into the National Electric System; with Cantarranas, Cruces and Palmira parks also producing solar power for the province.

Pérez Cres­po reported that various areas have been identified for future facilities looking to increase Cienfuegos’ generating capacity to 50MW by 2030.


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