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WHO praises Cuban medical collaboration in Bolivia

medicos cubanos Bolivia OMSThe World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Bo­­livia, Fernando Leanes, noted that the Cuban people should feel proud of the humanitarian work undertaken by their doctors in the Andean nation.

Speaking to Prensa Latina during the country’s International Health Fair, this year dedicated to Fidel Castro, Leanes praised Cuba’s contribution to the well-being of other nations.

The event, which took place on Saturday, August 20 in the town of Lauca Ñ, Cha­pare province, in the department of Cochabamba, is part of a broad program of activities celebrating the leader of the Cuban Revolution’s 90th birthday and 191 years since Bolivia gained its independence.

Leanes, also the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) representative in Bolivia, described the Fair organized by the two countries as a success.

He also praised the island’s primary health care model and in particular its family doctor program, which has been implemented in Bolivia.
The WHO representative noted that the program should be a source of pride for all Cubans, emphasizing the daily efforts of doctors from the island in the Andean nation.

Leanes also highlighted that Bolivians studying at the Latin American School of Medicine, are taught the same ethical and humanist principles as their Cuban colleagues.

According to a report by the Cuban medical brigade in Bolivia, 5,189 patients were treated on August 20, of which 908 were ophthalmology cases, 274 pediatric, 205 orthopedic, 192 cardiology, 524 dental and 253 internal medicine.

(Prensa Latina)

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