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Diaz-Canel congratulates Bolivia’s Movement Toward Socialism after recovering the country’s Presidency

Bolivia, Choquehuanca

The President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez tweeted his congratulations today to the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) of Bolivia, which recovered the Presidency in yesterday’s elections
Díaz-Canel emphasized that “Cuba is overjoyed by Luis Arce’s victory” and celebrates the rebirth of the Bolivarian ideal.

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The United States is the world’s major violator of human rights

cartel derechos humanos

“The United States is the world’s major violator of human rights,” stated Jorge Valero, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council. As part of a series of conferences on global governance and development, entitled “The challenges and common problems of humanity at the current time.

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Cuba makes its La Paz clinic available to the Bolivian people


uba makes the clinic available to the Bolivian people, denouncing its usurpation by the coup government and demanding immediate respect for its rights as the legitimate owner of the building via diplomatic notes No. 1079/20, from the Republic of Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Relations, April 13, 2020; and No. 26/20, dated June 18, 2020, from the Cuban embassy in La Paz, respectively, to which no response has been received.

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Coup in Bolivia, a brief review of events


On November 12, Deputy Jeanine Añez proclaimed herself President during a Congressional meeting without the required quorum, since violent groups prevented Senators and Deputies from the Movement To Socialism (MAS) from reaching the site.Since then, campesinos, indigenous peoples, and popular sectors have blocked 83 roads in seven of the country’s nine departments, close to at least five cities, which are facing shortages of food and fuel.

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Conspiracy and silence from the Organization of American States


It is time for the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean to stand together and say NO to coups and their sponsors in the Organization of American States (OAS). An organization created to protect the interests of the United States, funded and supported by its sponsor in Washington, it has shown its claws in the planning, organizing, and carrying out the coup in Bolivia. This is the OAS.

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No one can erase Cuba’s loving contribution in Bolivia and Ecuador

Medicos Boplivia

These past few days, doctors lending their services in Bolivia and Ecuador have returned to the homeland, leaving behind their patients, families with few resources, but very grateful to those who treated their ailments, living as neighbors in their communities.

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Second group of Cuban health professionals working in Bolivia welcomed home

medico cuba bolivia

To the joy of the Cuban people, this group of 207 internationalists included four who were arbitrarily detained in Bolivia: Amparo Lourdes García Buchaca, Electromedicine expert; Idalberto Delgado Baró, economist; Ramón Emilio Álvarez Cepero, specialist in Intensive Care and Endocrinology; and Alexander Torres Enriquez, Comprehensive General Medicine specialist.

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Cuba demands the immediate release of four Cuban health workers detained in Bolivia


During the last few hours, several acting authorities in the Plurinational State of Bolivia have presented the idea that Cuban collaborators are encouraging protests taking place in Bolivia, along with a similar campaign on social media, through accounts of doubtful origin and false profiles, inciting violence against health personnel.In this context, on November 13, four members of the Medical Brigade in El Alto were arrested by the police as they were traveling to their residence with money withdrawn from a bank to pay for basic services and rent for the 107 members of the Brigade Medical in the region

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ALBA-TCP Political Council condemns coup and calls for the defense of Bolivia

Alba tcp

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Peoples Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) Political Council held its eighth extraordinary meeting this Thursday in Managua, Nicaragua, and adopted a Final Declaration categorically condemning the coup against the government of Evo Morales Ayma, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.The event’s closing session was attended by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, who emphasized, “ALBA countries are small in size, but large in dignity

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Evo and Bolivia bother the empire

Evo pueblo

What government has led the poorest nation in a region for 13 years, dignified its indigenous roots, achieved international standing; built more than 5,000 educational centers, more than 1,000 health facilities; created financial assistance for the elderly, with a Dignity Bonus, and for children, the Juancito Pinto Bonus, contributing to a significant increase in school retention? And the country is now the fastest growing country in the region, raising the GDP to 43 billion, up from some 9 billion in 2005 when the government took office.