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Evo and Bolivia bother the empire

Evo puebloWhat government has led the poorest nation in a region for 13 years, dignified its indigenous roots, achieved international standing; built more than 5,000 educational centers, more than 1,000 health facilities; created financial assistance for the elderly, with a Dignity Bonus, and for children, the Juancito Pinto Bonus, contributing to a significant increase in school retention? And the country is now the fastest growing country in the region, raising the GDP to 43 billion, up from some 9 billion in 2005 when the government took office.

What government has in 13 years reduced illiteracy from 13% in 2006 to 2.4% in 2018; lowered unemployment rates from 9.2% to 4.1%, the lowest in the region, and moved moderate poverty from 60% to 34.6%, and extreme poverty from 38.2% to 15%, in this period of time? According to this government’s ambassador in Cuba, in an interview on Cuban television, for the first time the country has a young woman serving as the head of a diplomatic mission; a 29-year-old Senate President; and a 51% female Parliament, wearing traditional ponchos and clothing.

If all this was accomplished by giving the people power, participation, not with neoliberal formulas to enrich a few to the detriment of the majority, then that government becomes the preferred target of U.S. imperialism and the right wing oligarchy, since they would be run out of the business. Their ire I even greater if the nation’s President stands with the world’s poor in the UN Security Council, and looking the empire in the face says: “The United States government is not interested in democracy, if that were the case, it would not finance coups and support dictators; it would not threaten democratically elected governments, as it does in Venezuela. The U.S. is not interested in human rights or justice, if it were, the U.S. would sign international conventions for the protection of human rights. The U.S. shows contempt for the international order, it is not interested in multilateralism, if that were the case, it would not withdraw from the Paris Agreement or the Global Migration Pact. This contempt is motivated by a desire to appropriate our natural resources.” The U.S. government cannot forgive any government behaving this way.

This is the Bolivia of President Evo Morales, and these strengths became his “sins.” They are the real reason that led Carlos Mesa, Presidential candidate-coup plotter, and Luis Fernando Camacho – with a list of planned assassinations in hand, like Pablo Escobar, as he himself has stated to anyone opposing a forced change in the country – to organize a coup that in its essences is fascist, dismissing human beings in pursuit of their interests.


Evo and the growing Plurinational State bothered them so much, that in their desperation, they challenged the elections indicating majority support to continue Movement to Socialism project. But the coup plotters were drowned in their own lies. The NewsFront agency cites a report from the Center for Economic and Political Research in the United States, which noted the absence of irregularities in the elections held on October 20, refuting the OAS position.

The news agency indicates that statements from the organization – which has yet to present any evidence to support its position, has had a significant impact on media coverage and, therefore, on public opinion, additionally noting that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia has two count systems, one provides the legal result, and the other a quick count, a system implemented following suggestions of the OAS for electoral transparency.

At no point in the OAS report, the research center states, are the “irregularities” mentioned specifically described, insisting, “Neither the OAS mission or any other party has shown that there were widespread or systematic irregularities in the elections.” The research center itself questioned the OAS independence from the U.S. – which provides 60% of its budget – and challenges its silence on comments by President Trump and Senator Marco Rubio, asserting electoral fraud in Bolivia,


Several carefully planned steps, leading to the coup, were taken, beginning well before October 20. The cries of fraud were raised; the main state media closed and their journalists threatened; the OAS audit was rejected, as well as the option of electing new electoral authorities, proposed by Morales himself. Then the Bolivian Armed Forces and police turned their backs on the people and the democratic process in the country.

It is symptomatic, as revealed by the report from the U.S. Center for Economic and Political Research, that Bolivia’s Police Chief, Vladimir Calderón, and the Commander of the Armed Forces, Williams Kalimán, were, until December of 2018, police and military attaches, respectively, of the U.S. and they were the ones to step forward and call for the resignation of their President. Evo insisted that the armed forces not provoke violence, not confront the people, and now, following the coup plotters’ orders, they have come out to attack.

The website reports that Ivanka Trump could have delivered money for the coup to Jujuy, which Gerardo Morales could get to Camacho on his trip to Santa Cruz. The same source tells us that in the first days of September, on the pretext of Ivanka Trump’s visit, a huge military-economic CIA team arrived, camouflaged as firefighters from the Jujuy Ministry of Environment, who were sent as replacements to the “sister nation” of Bolivia. At that time Jujuy sent “help” to fight forest fires in the Bolivian Amazon.

Those who tell the truth and defend it always find the answers. Nicolás Maduro, on the day after the coup – in the Caracas of Chávez, of Bolívar, of a united America – in an international meeting in support of Bolivia and its President, unmasked Luis Fernando Camacho. “The father of this fascist was the owner of the gas company that Evo nationalized to distribute the wealth amongst his people,” he said.

If anyone doubts the participation of the United States government and the Organization, of America States (OAS) in the coup in Bolivia, take a look at Trump’s Twitter account and read this comment on the subject, “These events send a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua…”


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