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Ninety years celebrated around the world

fidel cartel 90 añosThe leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday was celebrated both in and outside of Cuba. Various messages of congratulations and activities were undertaken around the world in honor of the Comandante this August 13.

From Nicaragua, the home of revolutionary leader Augusto César Sandino, President Daniel Ortega and Coordinator of the Communication and Citizenry Council, Rosario Murillo, sent messages of congratulations in which they described Fidel as a visionary and courageous person who has always worked for the good of humankind. They also recalled his solidarity efforts, victories, keen foresight and ingenuity toward changing the world.

On behalf of the Nicaraguan people, the messages also highlighted his efforts and great struggle against imperialism, as well as his eternal commitment to achieving peace, citizen security and the complete independence of all countries.

For his part, Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, expressed his respect and admiration for Fidel Castro, “Our big brother, who is turning 90 this Saturday.”

Fidel accompanies us and will continue to accompany us because he is the true representation of the peoples, noted Morales. Our best tribute is the unity of our peoples, he added.

On behalf of the members and leadership of the Communist Party of Bolivia (PCB), sympathizers, friends and the working people, we transmit to you our best wishes on your birthday, being celebrated by Latin American, Caribbean and global revolutionaries, read a statement signed by Mendoza Pizarrom, PCB first secretary.
Meanwhile, former President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, stated “In regards to politics there are no longer words to describe him, it seems to me that he has definitively entered into history through the front door.”

Fernández also sent “A big hug to the Comandante, his family and all Cuban men and women on this particularly important day.”

Likewise, Argentine and Cuban artists held a cultural gala in the Leonardo Flavio Hall of the country’s Congressional Library in celebration of the Comandante’s birthday.

Argentine representative to Parlasur (Mercosur Parliament) Julia Perié (FPV) noted that “For all us militants and social activists, Fidel represents a clear effort and example of dignity as to how we should act every day.”

Meanwhile, a photographic exhibition featuring 40 exclusive images from Prensa Latina, and another 18 from the book Fidel, which contains photos by Osvaldo Salas, Liborio Noval, Roberto Salas, Pablo Caballero and Alex Castro, was inaugurated in El Salvador in honor of Fidel’s birthday.
The country’s President, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, highlighted the example of the Comandante for regional and global struggles led by the people, and specifically that of Salvadoran efforts toward achieving social justice.

In a statement, the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) emphasized the strong links of friendship between the outstanding politician and leader of the Cuban Revolution.
”Fidel Castro is a man of unbreakable principles, a beacon who has guided entire generations along the revolutionary paths of hope, dignity and equality,” the document read.

As part of the tributes, the University of El Salvador organized a cultural gala recalling the contribution made by the Cuban leader to the peoples of the world across the most diverse spheres, including health care, education, sports, culture and science.

From Ecuador, Vice President Jorge Glass stated that Fidel is “A necessary reference for all Latin Americans. Best wishes to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro on his birthday,” during a broadcast of the weekly television program “Enlace Ciudadano.”

Glass’ message was one of many other gestures of affection sent by members of the Ecuadoran government, institutions, cultural figures and social organizations to the Cuban leader.

Since November 2012, Cuba has been hosting Peace Talks between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) and the Colombian government, aimed at putting a definitive end to the over 50-year conflict. Given this reality, the FARC-EP offered the possibility of peace as a gift to the leader of the Cuban Revolution on his 90th birthday.

Meanwhile, the guerrilla organization highlighted the important and historical role of the Cuban Revolution in the political and civilized process toward peace, taking place in Havana.
In this sense, Colombian human rights activist Piedad Córdoba emphasized the dignified and resilient example of the Cuban leader during a ceremony held in the Cuban embassy in that country.

The Eloy Alfaro Association, composed of Ecuadoran doctors who have graduated from Cuban institutions, celebrated the occasion in Quito with a cultural activity.

During the event, the organization’s President, Martín Quevedo, noted that “Fidel always argued that revolutionary processes are only truly revolutionary if they are led by the people.”

In Santiago de Chile, Mireya Baltra, former Labor minister under Salvador Allende, presented a commemorative copper plaque – a gift for Fidel – on behalf of the people of Chile, to the Cuban Ambassador to the country, Adolfo Curbelo.

Fidel’s 90th birthday was also celebrated on the continent of Africa, a prime example of Cuban solidarity.

The photographic exposition Fidel is Fidel was inaugurated at the Agostinho Neto Memorial. The 35 images included in the exhibition were taken by photographer and documentary filmmaker Roberto Chile.
For her part, South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, expressed her country’s eternal gratitude for the support offered by Cuba at difficult times and described the Comandante as a father.

Meanwhile, the African National Congress noted that it was joining in festivities in celebration of the 90th birthday of this global icon “for his commitment to the internationalism and solidarity of the nations of the Global South.”

Activities organized by the South Africa-Cuba Friendship Association to celebrate August 13 included an exhibition of 90 rare photos of Fidel, displayed in Pretoria’s Freedom Park Museum.

Messages of congratulations for Fidel’s 90th birthday also arrived from Asia. In a letter presented at the Cuban Embassy in China, the country’s President Xi Jinping highlighted the leadership of Fidel, as well as the affection, admiration and respect with which he is remember by the Chinese people.

The Head of State also recalled the efforts of the Cuban leader to establish diplomatic relations with the Asian nation.

In honor of Fidel’s 90th, Pak Chang Yul, ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on the island, presented Salvador Valdés Mesa, a vice president of Cuba’s Council of State, with a gift for the Comandante from Kim Jong-un, supreme leader of the DPRK.

Cuban and Vietnamese citizens celebrated the leader of the Cuban Revolution’s 90th birthday with a touching exchange of personal anecdotes.

During an event held at the Cuban Embassy in Vietnam, officials and members of the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association and Vietnamese nationals who studied on the island, among other guests, recalled their encounters with the Cuban leader over the 55 years in which relations have been maintained between the two countries.

Meanwhile, since August 10, an exhibition of 20 photographs, organized by the Vietnamese News Agency, recalling moments during the three visits made by Fidel to the country, as well as those by Vietnamese officials to Cuba, has been on display.
Another photographic exposition was organized in New Delhi, India, featuring the Cuban leader with various officials, including Jawaharlal Nehru, the country’s first Prime Minister following independence.

“You have been our Comandante for 56 years and we follow you in all trenches,” read a statement by the France-Cuba Friendship Association in honor of Fidel’s 90th birthday.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is hard to overstate Fidel’s personal contribution to the development of relations of cooperation and friendship between Moscow and Havana.
After congratulating his “dear friend,” Putin praised the Comandante’s “dedication to the people of Cuba…you enjoy great respect in Russia as an outstanding Statesman who has dedicated his entire life to the service of the Cuban people.”

In a statement, the Cuba Solidarity Network, an alliance of over 40 solidarity groups in Germany, noted: “Your historic achievement and those of the Cuban people and of its Revolution inspire us – progressive forces, leftists, socialists and communities in the imperialist North – to struggle for a better world.”
Meanwhile, on its official webpage, the Communist Party of Germany highlighted that Fidel has always played an important role in the struggle of the communist parties to preserve their Marxist-Leninist identity.
Solidarity with Fidel was also professed on the streets of dozens of cities around Germany and Switzerland in the form of 160 micro-screens reading “Happy 90th birthday.”

Likewise, Alberto Garzón, leader of Spain’s United Left Party, took to his Twitter account to congratulate Fidel on his 90th birthday, writing: “Happy Birthday compañero and comrade, ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!”

Secretary General of the Communist Party of Spain, José Luis Centella, conveyed heartfelt congratulations to Fidel on his birthday, in a letter written on behalf of himself and Party members.
The national and international press also reported on celebrations in honor of the occasion, as well as the numerous messages of congratulations and activities which took place to commemorate the Comandante’s 90th birthday.


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