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Ninety years celebrated around the world

fidel cartel 90 años

The leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday was celebrated both in and outside of Cuba. Various messages of congratulations and activities were undertaken around the world in honor of the Comandante this August 13.

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Article by Fidel Castro: The birthday

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Tomorrow I will turn 90 years old. I was born in a territory called Birán, in the eastern region of Cuba. It’s known by that name, although it has never appeared on a map. Given its good conduct it was known for close friends and, of course, a stronghold of political representatives and inspectors involved in any commercial or productive activity typical of the neocolonized countries of the world.

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The vision of a leader that inspired a newspaper

Fidel en diario Granma

One afternoon in May 1963, Fidel Castro visited the daily Pravda during his significant first trip to the Soviet Union. On leaving he said: “I would like our daily to be like this, the official voice of the party.” I believe those of us who accompanied him then were far from fully understanding his words. Three years later, in October 1965, we fully appreciated their meaning.