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New Book Highlights Relevance of Fidel’s Address to Intellectuals

fidel-castroThe book “Un texto absolutament vigente” (An Absolutely Current Text) gathers articles about the speech ” Words to intellectuals” given by Fidel Castro in 1961 and stresses the relevance of that address in today’s Cuba.

Author Elier Ramírez Cadeño, a young historian, put together the compilation, gathering 16 articles by prestigious Cuban scholars, among them Graziella Pogolotti, Armando Hart, Carlos Rafael Rodríguez, Lisandro Otero and Fernando Martínez Heredia.

Historian Eduardo Torres Cuevas called the Fidel Castro 1961 address transcendental for the subsequent development of Cuba’s revolutionary process.

The speech outlined the place that culture and letters were to have in the defense of the Cuban Revolution.

(Radio Habana Cuba)

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