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Press Release from Foreign Ministry Directorate for Consular Affairs and Cubans Resident Abroad

On July 9 and 11, two groups of Cuban citizens of 29 and 46 persons respectively, illegally present in Ecuador, were deported to our country. They were transported in an Ecuadorian Air Force aircraft, respecting procedural guarantees established for such cases.

Upon their arrival to José Martí International Airport, pertinent Cuban authorities proceeded to conduct the established international sanitary review, and immediately thereafter the transfer of these persons to their provinces of origin in Cuba was completed.

The deportation of these Cuban citizens was conducted with complete adherence to what has been established in the two countries’ legislation and international norms governing this type of situation, with the fundamental objective of guaranteeing ordered, regular, and safe migration, while fulfilling the commitment to preventing defenseless human beings from being victimized by traffickers in persons.

f0012915The government of the United States and its migratory policy constructed over decades is responsible for the creation of the situation of irregular Cuban migrants in the region, who initially traveled abroad in a legal fashion, meeting all requirements established in our migratory regulations, to then later initiate an irregular journey encouraged by the “wet foot-dry foot” policy, the Parole Program for Cuban Medical Professionals, and the Cuban Adjustment Act, which grant our citizens selective treatment, unique in the world, and at the same time violate migratory agreements signed by the two countries.

This policy is not congruent with the current bilateral context. It obstructs the normalization of migratory relations between Cuba and the United States, and creates problems in other countries, while at the same time discriminating against other migrants, including minors, who face mistreatment and repression at the U.S. border before being massively deported.

The Directorate for Consular Affairs and Cubans Resident Abroad reaffirms that Cuban citizens who have legally left the country and comply with current migratory legislation have the right to return to Cuba, and reiterates the government’s commitment to legal, safe and ordered emigration.

Havana, July 11, 2016

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