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Cuban tourism: A safe investment

turismo cuba 1As part of FITCuba 2016, the latest version of the island’s portfolio of tourist sector investment opportunities was presented May 5, by José Daniel Alonso, the Ministry of Tourism’s (Mintur) business director, in the Cabaña Fortress’ Ambrosio Hall.

After describing Cuba’s qualities as a tourist destination, the director highlighted that tourists enjoy the island’s atmosphere of security, the human warmth and hospitality of the people, as well as Cuba’s wealth of socio-cultural, historical and patrimonial options – with ten World Heritage Sites and 257 National Monuments dispersed across the island.

Raising the quality of tourist offers, designing new and improved products, exploiting modern technologies and perfecting promotion and publicity campaigns, are some of the most pressing priorities for the sector, the Mintur official noted. Alonso also stated that promoting cultural tourism, scuba diving and nautical activities, accommodation facilities linked to golf courses and tour packages related to health, nature, and excursions, are also important aims for the industry.

In regards to foreign investment, Alonso reported that there currently 27 joint hotel enterprises, managing 5,906 rooms across 15 establishments, while 17 international hotel chains are operating under 76 administration and marketing contracts, nationwide.

According to the Mintur official, the sector’s portfolio of foreign investment opportunities includes projects in tourist resorts such as Playa Santa Lu­cía (Ca­magüey), Covarrubias (Las Tu­nas) and Guardalavaca (Holguín), while options for joint enterprises are mainly focused in Havana and Varadero.


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