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Cuban doctors depart for Ecuador to assist quake victims

LA HABANA-PARTIRÁ BRIGADA CUBANA EN AYUDA A LOS DAMNIFICADOS DEL TERREMOTO EN ECUADORA Cuban 26-member emergency medical brigade departed for Ecuador on Sunday, as hundreds of other Cuban doctors are in that country assisting the victims of the 7.8 quake that has caused huge human loss and property damage in the coastal zone of that South American nation.

The brigade includes specialists with the international Henry Reeve contingent and a rescue team. They were seen off by Health Minister Roberto Morales, who said they are taking first aid kits of disposable materials and pharmaceuticals, for a whole month of emergency work.

Meanwhile, Cuban ambassador in Ecuador, Rafael Dausa, said that all 613 health professionals working in that country are ready to go to affected regions and assist the quake victims.

The Ecuadorian government deployed some 14 thousand police to help assist the victims; President Rafael Correa cancelled his scheduled visit to the Vatican to go to the areas affected by the quake.


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