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55th anniversary of the El Encanto store sabotage

sabotaje El EncantoInjustice robbed 14 year old Robin Ravelo del Valle and his older brother of their mother’s love. As a result, the dreams of another of the many families, victims of imperialist attacks against Cuba, died with the fire started in the El Encanto department store by the CIA.

She gave her life for her ideals, for the Revolution. She was an example to me, my brother and our entire family, an example which we have consistently tried to uphold, stated Robin to the press, clearly pained by 55 years without his mother, Fe del Valle Ra­mos, victim of the attack.

At the site where Cuba’s largest department store once stood, and the park constructed in memory of Fe del Valle, Robin spoke before family members, retail, food and service sector workers and representatives of the residents of Central Havana gathered there to commemorate the events of April 13, 1961.“The story of Lula – as she was known to her friends – is the same as Cuba’s … the long list of attacks and crimes committed by imperialism have marked the destiny of our people …To forget is a luxury which we can not allow,” stated Karina Rodríguez Martínez, on behalf of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

Also participating in the act were Olga Lidia Tapia, a member of the PCC Secretariat; Brigadier General Delsa Esther Puebla, decorated hero of the Republic of Cuba and vice president of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution; Humberto Camilo Hernández, member of the PCC provincial bureau in Havana; Arelys Santana Bello, second secretary of the FMC and Martha Hernández Romero, president of the Provincial Assembly of Peoples’ Power.

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