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Putin reveals details about the explosions in the Nord Stream gas pipelines: It was without a doubt terrorism


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, revealed on Monday details about the explosions in the Nord Stream gas pipelines and stated that he has no doubt that it was a terrorist act. “A 40-meter piece of pipe was ripped off, the pipes were 250 meters apart, one piece bent 90 degrees and fell into part of the North Stream; there is no doubt that it is a terrorist act,” he pointed out. Putin stressed that details of the incident had been discovered by investigators from the Russian energy company Gazprom, who were eventually admitted to the blast site.

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New revelations concerning the1976 Barbados attack

crimen barbados

The encounter was headed by the criminal Orlando Bosch Ávila, at that time a fugitive from U.S. justice, wanted for parole violation after being convicted of various crimes, including using terrorist tactics to extort Cuban émigrés.

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55th anniversary of the El Encanto store sabotage

sabotaje El Encanto

The events of April 13, 1961, were commemorated yesterday, at the site where Cuba’s largest department store once stood, and the park constructed in memory of the young woman, Fe del Valle, killed in the fire