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Highway to Holguín International Airport expanded

Holgin aeropuertoThe widening of a stretch of the main highway linking the Frank País International Airport with this eastern city, is one of the major investment projects of the provincial highway administration center in Holguín this year.

Pavel Rodríguez, director of the center, told ACN that works are concluding on the final stretch of the total of some nine kilometers, which will help reduce traffic congestion.

The official explained that the project includes the expansion of the road to include a section of avenue, four vehicle lanes, two cycle lanes in the urban stretch, as well as sidewalks, curbs, landscaping and lighting

He added that the main companies involved in the works are ECOI-17 and ECOI-9, working together with other bodies to ensure quality standards.

The completion of this project will reduce the travel time between the airport and the tourist destination in the north of the territory, as well as the city of Holguín itself. Holguín is the third most popular tourist spot in Cuba, after Havana and Varadero.

Rodríguez also noted that the risk of traffic accidents will decrease, given improved flow of vehicles, animal drawn vehicles, cycles and pedestrians.

The provincial highway administration center will invest a total of 16 million pesos during 2016, and among the main tasks are works on the Banes-Nipe highway, stretching 35 kilometers, and the Holguín-Moa highway.

In the latter, works are primarily focused on specific sections in the municipalities of Mayarí, Sagua de Tánamo and Moa.

The body is responsible for carrying out works on highways of national significance, which join the provincial capital to the municipalities, covering a total of over 800 kilometers.

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