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Venezuelan government takes steps to reverse economic situation

Venezuela produccionThe National Assembly Deputy for theGran Polo Patriótico (GPP) coalition, Ricardo Sanguino, highlighted the efforts made by the Venezuelan government to address the economic crisis currently affecting the country, this Saturday, April 2.

This quarter we hope to begin a process to boost production and distribution of essential goods and services for the people, Sanguino noted.

The parliamentarian explained that the aim is to increase domestic production and reach a balance between this and imports, although he recognized that given the economic situation the country is currently experiencing, this is no easy task. In order to do so, he noted that the government and the business sector must reach an understanding, and added that important steps have been taken to this end.

“Many approached us following the call by President Nicolás Maduro to work together, and many positive proposals have arisen from these meetings, which have already begun to materialize. The participation of young businesspeople willing to produce for and from Venezuela is notable,” Sanguino highlighted.

The deputy, interviewed by renowned Venezuelan journalist José Vicente Rangel on the José Vicente HOY program, assured that with the new economic model being created, which differs from the current rentier model, all advances made in the social sphere over the past 17 years of Bolivarian revolution will be maintained.

Since gaining a majority in the National Assembly, opposition forces have passed laws which do not benefit the people of Venezuela, Sanguino noted. He stressed that the fact that they rejected President Madruo’s bid to decree a state of economic emergency, demonstrates they have no intention of resolving the current situation in the country.

Sanguino stated that the government is receiving support from various countries such as China, India, Brazil, Russia and Iran, “among others, nations that cooperate with us so that we can advance.”


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