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A day of celebration for Cuba’s children and youth

niños ujc celebrabThe children and young people of the province of Camagüey are currently making final arrangements for a national celebration of the 55th anniversary of the José Martí Pioneer Organization (OPJM) and the 54th anniversary of the Young Communist (UJC).

From their respective pioneer, student and workplace groups, Cuban youth decided that the event would see a mix of history, productive work, sports, culture, healthy recreation and a deserved tribute to outstanding members.

Beginning April 1, a program of activities will commence including campouts at historic sites, such as the Potreros de Jimaguayú, where in 1873 Major General Ignacio Agramonte died in combat, and La Yaya, the setting in 1897 of the approval of the fourth and last of the Mambi constitutions.

The following day, in schools, dairies, factories, workshops, cooperatives, hospitals, local communities, and the Tínima organopónico (urban farm), in the provincial capital, young people will undertake voluntary work to support the local economy.

Yoandris Ruiz Villalón, first secretary of the provincial committee of the UJC, noted that on Sunday, April 3, children’s activities will take place in parks and squares across the province, such as the Casino Campestre park, the Camilo Cienfuegos Amusement Park and the Lago de los SueñosRecreational Center.

In addition to the usual offers for both the young and old, in this latter venue, salsa competitions, sporting events and a kite festival will all take place, before a concert in the evening hours to celebrate the upcoming anniversaries.

The youth leader added that the main national event will take place at four in the afternoon on April 4, at the Casino Campestre park, with activities in the morning where children and adolescents will demonstrate some of the skills developed as members of interest circles and the pioneer explorers’ movement.

The program also includes activities with children at the Eduardo Agramonte Piña Pediatric Hospital, visits to children’s homes, and performances in local communities by socio-cultural projects of the University of Camagüey and the Hermanos Saíz Association.

Tributes will also be paid to founders of the Association of Young Rebels (precursor to the UJC), former youth and pioneer leaders, relatives of international collaborators and outstanding health professionals.


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