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Víctor Mesa will lead Cuban team against Tampa Bay Rays

victor mesaThe Cuban Baseball Federation has announced that Víctor Mesa Martínez will lead the national team this coming March 22 against the Tampa Bay Rays from the U.S. major leagues.

The selection reflects recognition of Mesa’s performance with the Matanzas team, first placed among the four Cuban teams which qualified for this year’s National Series playoffs, based on their records during the season’s second round.

Likewise relevant is Mesa’s experience as a former player and manager of two successful teams, which should allow him to contribute to meeting fan’s expectations for this highly symbolic game.

The coaching staff and observers have noted that the 41 players on the pre-selection roster have responded well in training, in particular to the presence of several legendary veteran players who have joined the practice sessions. The team’s commitment to be worthy of representing millions of Cubans is evident.

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