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Cuba and Austria sign bilateral agreement on Cuban debt

Austria, comercio cubaRicardo Cabrisas Ruiz, a Council of Ministers vice president, held a working meeting in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 2, with Rudolf Scholten, director general of the Austrian Control Bank. The two undertook a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and the outlook for economic, commercial and financial relations between the two countries, considering the results of the Cuba-Austria Business Forum, held earlier that the day.

Both sides agreed that the implementation of the agreement signed between the governments of the Republic of Cuba and the Republic of Austria on the regulatory treatment of Cuban debt, as agreed in the context of negotiations held with the Paris Club ad hoc group, represented an important contribution to the proposed common objectives of both countries.

The bilateral agreement was signed by Council of Ministers Vice President Ricardo Cabrisas on behalf of the government of the Republic of Cuba, and the Director General of the Austrian Control Bank, Dr. Rudolf Scholten, acting on behalf of the government of the Republic of Austria.

Accompanying Scholten were Dr. Christoph Matznetter, vice president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, and Dr. Walter Koren, deputy director general of the Federation of Austrian Industrialists, among other members of the Austrian delegation.

Participating on the Cuban side were Arnaldo Alayón and Isaac Hernández, vice president and director of the Central Bank of Cuba, respectively; Aleida González Mexidor, vice president of the National Bank of Cuba, and Yamila Fernández del Busto, director general of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, among other officials.


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