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We can cooperate in a joint fashion

kirill soloPress version of statement by Patriarch Kirill of the Orthodox Church of Moscow and All Russia, following his meeting with Pope Francis
His Holiness, Your Excellencies, dear brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen;

We have held an open discussion over two hours, with full understanding of the responsibility of our churches for our believing people, for the future of Christianity, and the future of human civilization. It was a very content-rich conversation, which afforded us the opportunity to understand and appreciate each other’s positions.

The results of the conversation allow me to assure you that the two churches can now cooperate in a joint fashion to defend Christians throughout the world, and with full responsibility work together so there is no war; so that human life is respected throughout the world; so that the foundations of personal, family and social ethics are strengthened; and so that, through the Church’s participation in the life of modern human society, the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are glorified.

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