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Pope Francis: Humanity is globalized, but poverty, injustice and inequality remain


The great recession of 2007, public debt, covid, the Ukraine war, global threats. And meanwhile: “cruel” conflicts throughout the world, the explosion of migrations, climate change, endemic poverty because, during these years, “while some men and women improved their daily lives, another part suffered unscrupulous elections, becoming the main victims of a kind of counter-development”. It is a stark analysis, as stark as the reality that the world has been forced to face in the last fifteen years, that of Pope Francis in his speech to Deloitte Global.

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To struggle for peace is the most sacred duty of all human beings

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Sadly, almost all religions have been obliged to decry the destructive reality of war and its terrible consequences. They have been obliged to devote their greatest energies to this task. The singular importance of the meeting between Pope Francis and His Holiness Kirill in Havana is that it raised the hopes of the world’s peoples.

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Cuba witnesses story of understanding and peace

Francisco y kiril habana

HAVANA is once again the scene of dialogue and understanding. This afternoon, February 12, after an affectionate greeting, the leaders of the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches held a private meeting and signed a joint statement, in a ceremony witnessed by President Raúl Castro.

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If this continues, Cuba will be the capital of unity


I do not want to leave without expressing heartfelt thanks to Cuba, the great Cuban people, and their President, here present. I am grateful for his active participation. If this continues, Cuba will be the capital of unity. May all of this be for the glory of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and for the holy people, faithful to God, under the protection of Our Lady, Mother of God.

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We can cooperate in a joint fashion

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We have held an open discussion over two hours, with full understanding of the responsibility of our churches for our believing people, for the future of Christianity, and the future of human civilization. It was a very content-rich conversation, which afforded us the opportunity to understand and appreciate each other’s positions.

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The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church arrives in Cuba

Raul y kirill

Raúl Castro Ruz, President of Cuba’s Councils of Ministers and State, this afternoon received at José Martí International Airport His Holiness Kirill, who is making his first pastoral visit to the island as Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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Pope Francis to visit Havana, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba

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A rities of the Vatican, the Cuban government and Conference of Cuban CatholicBishops have organized a program for Pope Francis’ forthcoming visit to the country, which will take place, as previously announced, from September 19-22. The Cuban government and citizens of the capital will welcome the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church on September 9 when he arrives in Havana to begin his apostolic visit. The following day he will hold a mass in the Plaza de la Revolución “José Martí,” visit the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, and meet with priests, believers and seminaries in the Cathedral of Havana. He will also greet the youth in the Félix Varela Cultural Center.

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Pope Francis, Palestinian President Call for Peace


Pope Francis and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas met here on Saturday and reaffirmed their desire to achieve peace in Middle East. During a 20-minute meeting, the two leaders called for renewing direct talks between Israel and Palestine to find a fair and lasting solution to the more-than-60-year conflict. Since the mid 20th century, the Palestinian people have suffered the invasion and occupation of their territories by Tel Aviv, as result of which dozens of thousands people have been killed and millions have been displaced.

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Arrangements for Pope Francis” Visit to Cuba Begin


A meeting among representatives of the Holy See, members of the Catholic Church and civil authorities from Cuba was held as part of the arrangements for the visit of Pope Francis to the Caribbean island in September. During the meeting, held yesterday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participants expressed the full willingness of the Cuban State and government to offer all the necessary support for the success of the apostolic visit of His Holiness to the Caribbean nation.

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Pope Francis met Cuban President Raul Castro


Pope Francis met today with Cuban President Raul Castro in a private audience of about 55 minutes held in the halls near the Paul VI room of the Vatican. The President travels accompanied by Vicepresident of the Council of Ministers, Ricardo Cabrisas and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, among other representatives of his government. He was received by the Swiss guard of honor and the prefect of the Pontiff s House, Georg Gaenswein.