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Fidel Castro Is in Category of Myth of the People, Mujica Says

fidel y mujicaFormer Uruguayan President, Jose Mujica, stressed that Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, is in the category of myth of the people, and active and committed to concrete things that make the lives of people.

During an extensive interview La Republica newspaper published today, the current Frente Amplio senator talked about his recent trip to Havana, Cuba, where he met with the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

“I was surprised he reads without glasses, he is lively, he makes intelligent questions permanently as always. I saw him better than I had seen him two years ago. He is OK.,” he described.

Mujica stressed that “the Cuban people can criticize even God, but Fidel is a mythical thing.”

He said it is a pleasure to talk to Fidel and his brother Raul, “because one learn about significant episodes in the history of the 20th century they lived and that had global implications.”

And one tends to see “history in underwear and not as the history books tell, because they lived it,” he added.

Questioned on how Fidel lives, the Frente Amplio senator said, he lives in a farm, “it is a typical middle-class, fairly simple home and he has a piece of field that is like a farmhouse, where he has plenty of plots with experimental works.”

He explained that the Cuban Commander-in-Chief monitors a series of elements that have to do with the use of new fodder and legume species that can be used to improve Cuban cattle raising.

Mujica said Fidel is “very concerned about the (Aedes Aegypti) mosquito” and read him a document he had about how it came from Polynesia, through Easter Island, and “some skiers took him to the mainland inadvertently.”

(Prensa Latina)

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