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Working smart

Machado CampechuelaThe need to work with intelligence, take full advantage of the sugar cane available, and increase efficiency during this year’s sugar harvest, were the basic ideas emphasized by José Ramón Machado Ventura, a Council of Ministers vice president and Party second secretary, during a visit yesterday, January 6, to the Enidio Díaz mill.

Speaking with the press, the leader recalled that drought conditions affected the planting of cane and led to reduced projections for this harvest throughout the country. Nature is still not cooperating, and now that the production process is set to begin, rain is slowing the ripening of cane in the fields.

Despite these limitations, which are beyond control, working with the greatest responsibility and intelligence possible should make equaling last year’s level of production possible, Machado Ventura said.

Liovys Mesa, director of the Sugar Enterprise in the province of Granma, emphasized the successful start-up of the Enidio Díaz mill, one of the most consistent in the country. The state enterprise has projected the production of 140,000 tons of sugar this year, an 18% increase as compared to 2015.


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