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Tribute to those who fell in defense of freedom

opèracion tributoThe military ceremony held this Monday to mark the 119th anniversary of the death in combat of Major General Antonio Maceo and his assistant, Captain Panchito Gómez Toro, was also an occasion to commemorate the posthumous tribute which began 26 years ago, through Operación Tributo (Operation Tribute), with the transfer of the remains of those Cubans who lost their lives fighting in Angola and elsewhere in Africa.

During the political act which took place at the El Cacahual monument complex, the member of the Party Central Committee and Head of the Western Army, Division General Onelio Aguilera Bermúdez, recalled the events and actions that defined Maceo as a man whose loyalty knew no limits, a military strategist with a spirit of sacrifice; principles that have accompanied us in these 50 years of struggle and are emulated by new generations who defend the achievements of socialism.

“As big as the risks may be, no matter how the enemy is disguised, whether he resorts to open or subtle attacks in his permanent war against Cuba, we will continue waving our flags and holding high the machete wielded by Maceo,” Aguilera Bermúdez stated.

The commitment that each contribute the best of him or herself, studying hard and continuing to defend the gains of the Revolution, was ratified on behalf of the children’s José Martí Pioneers Organization, by Alena Isis Acosta, a student at the Conrado Benítez School in Mayabeque.

The tribute was attended by members of the Party Political Bureau, the Army Crops General and Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Ramón Espinosa Martín, deputy minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and Mercedes López Acea, a vice president of the Council of State and first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Havana.

Also attending were leaders of the government, of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution, of the FAR and the Ministry of Interior, representatives of the diplomatic-military corps in Cuba and various student and mass organizations.

During the event, floral wreaths were laid on behalf of the Cuban people to Antonio Maceo and Panchito Gómez Toro and a tribute was also offered to the prominent Communist Blas Roca Calderío and the Liberation Army soldier, Juan Fajardo Vega, known as the last Mambí.


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