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Havana Trade Fair showcases Cuba’s best

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The third day of Havana’s International Trade Fair featured the announcement of options for integrated exports of products and services in the healthcare and sustainable food processing sectors.

Given the leadership role of these in the national economy, and the potential for their development, these projects are meant to make Cuba’s best available around the world, according to Lietsa Peña, exports director for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment.
Cuba’s biotechnology enterprise group, Bio CubaFarma, and the country’s Commercial Medical Services Distributor have formed a strategic alliance to offer seven programs to other countries which can positively impact healthcare and quality of life.

According to BioCubaFarma’s international collaboration and commerce director, Mayda Mauri, these programs are designed to address a variety of health issues, including comprehensive treatment of diabetic patients; diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients suffering from cardiovascular illnesses; prevention, screening and treatment of cancer; detection, analysis and treatment of hearing problems; early detection of neuro-developmental problems in children with prenatal and neonatal studies, as well as epidemiological vigilance.

Another offering, according to Lisette Álvarez of the state company BK Import Export, involves hospital renovation, to optimize auxiliary systems, equipment and medical facilities, including laboratories and surgical theaters.

In the agricultural and food processing sector, Cuba’s Technical Services Distributor is looking to export a variety of services ranging from sales and construction of greenhouses, irrigation systems and modular buildings, in addition to cultivation consultation, always with a view toward sustainable, ecologically friendly agriculture in both urban and rural areas, according to the company’s representative, Irina Can cela

Such efforts which have been successfully undertaken in Cuba, as well as Haiti, Venezuela, Bolivia and Jamaica, she said.

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