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Cuba’s new portfolio of foreign investment opportunities presented at FIHAV 2018

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Cuba’s portfolio of foreign investment opportunities 2018-2019 contains 525 projects, seeking total financing of over 11.6 billion dollars. On this occasion, added were 168 new projects linked to cattle farming; the food processing, light, chemical, and metallurgical industries; tourism; and mining. Some 104 projects were removed, including those that have been successfully launched; others that have changed their scope or focus; and those being negotiated at this time.

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Havana Trade Fair showcases Cuba’s best

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Given the leadership role of these in the national economy, and the potential for their development, these projects are meant to make Cuba’s best available around the world, according to Lietsa Peña, exports director for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment.
Cuba’s biotechnology enterprise group, Bio CubaFarma, and the country’s Commercial Medical Services Distributor have formed a strategic alliance to offer seven programs to other countries which can positively impact healthcare and quality of life.

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Fihav 2015 underway

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Yesterday, November 2, Rodrigo Malmierca inaugurated the 33rd edition of the Havana International Trade Fair, Fihav 2015, with expectations that it will serve to promote exports of Cuban products and services, as well as foreign investment in the country. Ricardo Cabrisas, a Council of Ministers vice president, was also on hand for the inauguration.

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Fihav 2015 welcomes international participation

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The 33rd edition of Havana’s International Trade Fair, Fihav 2015, opens its doors today and will continue through November 7, at the city’s main fairgrounds and exposition center, Expocuba. More than 70 countries have representatives participating this year, utilizing more than 20,000 square meters of exposition space for their displays.