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Rebel Slave Museum re-inaugurated

museo rebeldeWith the conclusion of a two year restoration project, re-inaugurated November 3 was the Rebel Slave Museum located at the former sugar plantation, Triunvirato, scene of the November 5, 1843 slave rebellion led by the Gangá Manuel, Lucumies Eduardo, Felipe, Narciso and the legendary Carlota.

Attending the reopening of the sculpture complex, a designated National Monument, were Teresa Rojas Monzón, Party secretary in Matanzas; Division General Raúl Rodríguez Lobaina; and Tania León Silveira, provincial government leader.

Researcher Isabel Hernández noted that the museum renovation included work on three exhibit halls in the overseer’s house at the 19th century sugar plantation, which include an exhibit on Cuba’s internationalist mission in Angola named Operation Carlota, in honor of this courageous woman.

Restoration efforts were concentrated on this building, the main house, and ruins of the sugar mill, barracks and nurse’s station, as well as improvements in the living conditions of neighboring residents, according to Armando Falcón, director of the construction brigade and Belkis García Díaz, director of the historic center.

Bielka Cantillo, provincial director of cultural patrimony noted that the site is an important one within the Slave Route project which includes the province’s San Severino Castle and Art Museum.


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