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Fidel honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Fidel Lifetime reconocimiento aComandante en Jefe Fidel Cas tro was honored yesterday, October 27, with a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Lebanese television channel Al Mayadeem, given his stature as a paradigm for just causes.

The distinction was received by Abel Prie to Ji ménez, advisor to the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, in the context of the 2nd Radio and Television Convention Cuba 2015, international expo-fair.

The recognition was the highlight of the tribute ceremony organized by the International Media Network in Defense of Humanity and Al Ma yadeem, which saw the participation of Ro lando Alfonso Borges, head of the Party Central Committee Ideological Department; Antonio Gue rrero, Ra món La­ba ñino and Fer nando Gon zá lez, decorated Heroes of the Republic of Cuba, and Gha s san ben Jeddo, president of Al Ma ya deem, among other figures.

The ceremony was the perfect opportunity to screen various documentaries about Fidel and his tireless revolutionary work. The audiovisuals amassed testimony by prominent world figures, among them Evo Morales Ay ma, Atallah Ha n na the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, and U.S. actor Da n ny Glover, to name just a few; while renowned journalists from the region such as Hana Mahamid and Wa fica Mehdí praised the leader of the Cuban Revolution’s character.

Abel expressed thanks upon receiving the award, “This tribute has been very touching for us, we will make sure both the award and message get to the Comandante en Jefe. You, who are so far away, are receiving the influence of the ideas and values of one of the greatest figures of the 20th and 21st centuries,” he noted.


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