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Take 6 set to wow Cuban audiences

cristian vocalTake 6 arrived in Havana with credentials that speak for themselves: over ten Grammy Awards, collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Quincy Jones, among others, and more than 15 albums, placing them at the forefront of U.S. vocal groups.

The group formed by young university students rose to fame mainly due to its strong spiritual and creative convictions, in defense of jazz and gospel music, with its range expanding to include various African-American genres.

Founded in the state of Alabama, the group has been performing for 25 years, singing a capella and impressing with the powerful expressive qualities of its singers, who intermingle gospel and jazz melodies.

The vocalists have a lot of fun during their concerts, making their performances truly joyous occasions. Taking into account their recent statements, the concert they are due to offer to the Cuban public on Saturday night at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana will be no exception.

We hope to have a great time with the Cuban public and maximize our debut in this country that has such wonderful music and culture, the group members stated. The sextet has had a significant influence on most U.S. vocal lineups, having been in the studio with legends the likes of Stevie Wonder, one of the absolute kings of soul.

“Working with Stevie Wonder was a privilege. He is a great person and a tremendous musician. With him we did wonderful work,” Take 6 noted in an interview with Granma.

They went on to confirm that the U.S. singer, one of the figures expected to participate in the second edition of the Havana Jam Festival, will soon be hitting Cuban stages. Secrets are not to be disclosed, but we have to say that our friend Stevie will soon be over here singing to Cubans, the renowned musicians excitedly expressed.

Take 6’s concert at the Karl Marx Theater forms part of the Les Voix Humaines (Human Voices) Festival and will see the group perform a range of songs spanning their 25-year career, from albums such as Brothers, So cool, We wish you a merry Christmas and So much 2, filled with spiritual lyrics celebrating love, faith and happiness.


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