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President of Colombia arrives in Havana

Colombia SantosColombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, arrived today in Havana where he will hold a meeting with senior FARC-EP leader, Timoleón Jiménez, with the aim of accelerating the peace process begun in 2012, reported Prensa Latina.

Santos arrived in Cuba to participate “In a Colombia peace talks ceremony, in which important agreements regarding special jurisdiction for peace, established by the parties during the talks, will be announced,” a statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry noted.

President Santos is expected to announce to the country the signing of an agreement relating to victims of the conflict, one of the most complicated issues on the agenda, which has been debated for almost a year.

According to El Tiempo, the head of state departed for the Caribbean island accompanied by representatives from various political sectors, as well as the President of the Senate, Luis Fernando Velasco; and President of the House of Representatives, Alfredo Deluque.

Earlier, Santos had announced on this Twitter account that he would be making a stop in Havana “for a crucial meeting with negotiators in order to accelerate the peace process. Peace is close.”

(Prensa Latina)

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