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Jorge Perugorría: to perform Mario Conde is a challenge

perogurríaFamous Cuban actor and filmmaker Jorge Perugorría confessed AIN news service that to perform Mario Conde, the most famous detective of Cuban literature is quite a challenge.

The actor advanced that the cinematographic adaptation of Vientos de Cuaresma, detective novel form Cuban writer Leonardo Padura—directed by Spanish Félix Viscarret—is almost concluding the shooting cycle.

We still have a month of work and we will move to Canary Islands, Spain, to finish shooting the film, said the filmmaker, who is known as Pichi, and assured that the cast is wonderful that includes Cuban actor Carlos Enrique Almirante.

The also documentary director indicated that Padura is possibly the most important chronicler of all the generations that were born after the triumph of the revolution.

Perugorria assured that Padura is a writer – that although bets for the detective genre- his stories always portray the Cuban society and Mario Conde is part of that; is the picture of my generation so it is a piece of my life.

After the adaptation of Vientos de Cuaresma will follow the other three novels that made Las Cuatro Estaciones in a movie film and later will be produced three TV episodes.

(By AIN)

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