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Olga Tañón to Offer Two Free Concerts in Cuba

OLga TañónPuerto Rican singer Olga Tañon announced recently through social networks that she will perform two free concerts in Cuba in December, to fulfill her dream of returning to sing on that Caribbean island. As she expressed in her official account on Facebook and Twitter, Olga will return to sing to the people of Cuba, after filming last month in Havana a live promo video for the single Amo La Vida.

The singer plans two major presentations on December 5 and 12, one in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba and another in Havana, to thank the people for their love and solidarity.

During her visit this year, the Puerto Rican decided to do a last minute audiovisual material led by Cuban musician and producer X Alfonso.

The video covers several Havana streets surrounded by a crowd of people dancing and singing the chorus Vivo la vida, a fusion of merengue with soka (Caribbean rhythms derived from calypso).

Six years ago, at the end of a massive Peace Without Borders concert in Havana, Tañon expressed deep admiration for the Cuban people and promised to return and sing again in this country.

“I get too much of Cuba, I take friends, love and the greatest desire of wonderful things to continue happening,” she said on that occasion.

In her most recent trip this year she carried a whole suitcase full of songs that she might include on her new album, she said to the American press.

Now she seeks to be up to the stage of Santiago de Cuba and Havana accompanied by a band with Puerto Ricans and Cuban musicians, the general producer of the event, Billy Denizard reported.

Olga Teresa Tañon Ortiz was born on April 13, 1967 in the Puerto Rican town of Santurce and today she is among the most popular female voices in Latin music. Moreover, she is one of the most versatile artists of Puerto Rico.

Winner of two Grammy Awards and two Latin Grammy, she has more than twenty musical productions and a sensual performance in the stages that made her win the nickname of “Woman of Fire”.

(By Prensa Latina)

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