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Evo Morales expresses his admiration and respect for the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution

Evo cumple Fidel“I am very pleased and happy to accompany our brother Fidel Castro on his birthday,” the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, stated on arriving in Havana on Wednesday night to participate in the celebrations for the 89th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Speaking to the press on arrival at the José Martí International Airport, the President stressed his admiration and respect for Fidel and said he had learned much from him.

Morales described the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana as “a triumph of the Cuban people and the unity of the entire world.”

“The world is with Cuba,” he noted, as he offered a brief history surrounding the issue.

Regarding the recent statement by the ALBA-TCP Political Council, which met on August 10 in Caracas, he explained that “our duty as governments is to defend others who are being attacked” economically and politically.

He elaborated on the example of the local right-wing and their attacks against the government of President Rafael Correa and the Citizens’ Revolution in Ecuador.

Our duty is to defend the democratic revolutions on the continent, Morales stressed.

The Head of State was accompanied by Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca. He was received on Cuban soil by Deputy Foreign Minister Ana Teresita González Fraga and the Bolivian Ambassador to Cuba, Palmiro León Soria.

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