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Ernesto Lecuona is Reborn in Cuba 120 Years After Birth

lecuonaThe Marti Theater of this capital looked its best in a homage by The Cuban National Ballet to master Ernesto Lecuona, who was reborn to his music and dance 120 years after his birth.

Through elegant and precise interpretations, the company recreated yesterday essential pieces of the repertoire of Lecuona, known as the most universal of Cuban musicians.

The director of the Cuban National Ballet, Alicia Alonso, accompanied her dancers in a special performance that made inmortal to who she described as an extraordinary creator, defender of

significant characteristics of our idiosyncracy.

Tarde en la Siesta (Afternoon Siesta), classic piece of the island´s choreography and of Spanish America, started the program by showing the delicacy and typical conventionalisms of Cuban women at the begining of the 20th Century.

The second was Cuba inside a piano, which extolled the value of Cuban piano repertoire

through works of Lecuona, Manuel Saumell, Ignacio Cervantes and Harold Gramatges.

Also, La Commedia É… Danzata, A la luz de tus canciones , (By the light of your songs) and Impromptu Lecuona completed the presentation of the Cuban National Ballet, which will be repeated today in tribute to Lecuona.

The unequaled creations of the musician born in Guanabacoa on August 6, 1895, carry with them the soul of dance that flows in each note to visit the most unique places of Cuban culture.

Lecuona left Cuba an infinite musical legacy that the ballet company has defended with unequaled choreographies and diverse scenery.

(Prensa Latina)

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