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Biennial of Havana to Exhibit Works Dedicated to Alicia Alonso

cuba_balletThe Cuban plastic artist Jesus Lara exhibited on 17 June at the XII Biennial of Havana a piece dedicated to Alicia Alonso, today announced the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC).

The piece entitled “Odas en azul prusiano” will be located in the Hall of Mirrors at the Museum of the Revolution in the “Irla” show, which describes the 25 years of Lara’s artistic life.

“Irla” was opened on May 28 as part of the activities of the XII Biennial of Havana.

The new piece added to the collection represents Alonso in the ballet Giselle and is a tribute to the dancer for the 70th anniversary of her first appearance in Cuba performing that character.

Giselle is the masterpiece of the dance romanticism and the significance of some dancers has been marked largely by their performances in this piece of dramatic character.

Alicia Alonso was the first Latin American to embody the character and according to global critique, her version of Giselle remains one of the most successful in the world, for some critics the best one.


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