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Japanese Art at Havana Biennial

bienal12_habana2015Many Japanese avant-garde artists will participate in the 12th Biennial of Havana, where last year they celebrated 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first samurai in Cuba. Such anniversary was used as a pretext for countless performances of ancient Japanese culture, and the presence of maestros of autochthonous genders such as drum, manga, origami or go. However, a group headed by Ken Awazu will perform from June 4 to 20 at the Asia House-Museum in Old Havana with exhibitions, lectures, workshops, music and performances.

This experimental exercise is called Makuri Hirogeru (Expand, Extend, Stretch) and consists of combining Awazu’s works with the personal creations by the rest of his group.

The idea is to eliminate the limits in the field of representation, as well as classes, classifications and disparities in arts, in addition of overcoming cultural, economic and ethnic barriers.

The group is made up of guitarist Shin Sasakubo, Daisuke Auki and Tomoyuki Washio, who brought posters, impressions, images and music. They will visit the Cuban University of Arts.

(Prensa Latina)

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