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A goodbye to Eugenio Hernández Espinosa: The older brother of Cuban playwrights


Farewell words to Eugenio Hernández Espinosa, pronounced this October 21 at the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center. The great dramaturgical voice of our generation was established in the professional theatrical work since the premiere of that classic modern tragedy that is “María Antonia”, which moved us hundreds of spectators who, again and again, went to the Mella Theater to witnessing that show magnificently directed by the great actor and director that was Roberto Blanco and that Hilda Oates, Samuel Claxton, Miguel Benavides and Isaura Mendoza, among other performers,

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Actress Penélope Cruz receives the National Film Award in San Sebastián and uses it for social purposes


The actress Penélope Cruz received this Saturday the National Cinematography Award from the Spanish Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta. She was very moved, she dedicated the award to her family and announced that she will allocate the award for social purposes.“The adventure of this long journey to Ithaca is proving to be much more exciting than I ever could have dreamed of from the living room of my parents’ house,” she said.

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Centenary of a great poet: Eliseo Diego

Eliseo Diego

Eliseo DiegoJuly 2, 1920, was a great day for Cuba: one of the greatest poets in our history was born. Eliseo Diego was to have a peaceful childhood in his native Havana, and would grow up to become what he is, a key figure in Cuban letters, Latin American letters, and the Spanish language. He began his narrative work with En las oscuras manos del olvido (1942), when he was already a member of the famous staff at the magazine Orígenes.

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Raúl: A tireless promoter of regional integration and staunch anti-imperialist

Raul Discurso

Unlike academics and intellectuals who dedicate time to organizing their work, the ideas of revolutionaries with state responsibilities are often dispersed throughout time, among thousands of speeches, interviews, and statements.

It is therefore the researcher’s job to revive this legacy and organize it in such a way as to help one understand the scope of a figure, and the historic moment they were destined to live.

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Kageboushi human shadow theatre: A triumph in Havana

testro sombras

Shadows have a magical quality. The ever-changing shapes inspire creativity and imagination and are a constant source of fantasy. There are even those who argue that shadow theatre is the precursor to cinema: the first method based on the reproduction of movements and actions on a screen; of course, using different techniques.

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Japanese Art at Havana Biennial


Many Japanese avant-garde artists will participate in the 12th Biennial of Havana, where last year they celebrated 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first samurai in Cuba. Such anniversary was used as a pretext for countless performances of ancient Japanese culture, and the presence of maestros of autochthonous genders such as drum, manga, origami or go.