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11th ANAP Congress starts today

Congreso ANAPImportant issues such as increased production volumes and their impact on food prices and the economy will be addressed from today until May 17, during the 11th Congress of the National Association of Small ANAP(ANAP).

The proposals to be presented at the event – taking place at the Havana Convention Center with an expected 700 delegates and 150 invited guests – are the result of assemblies at the municipal and provincial level held in recent months.

Speaking ahead of the Congress on the daily Mesa Redonda (Roundtable) program, Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, president of this farmers’ organization, explained that during the event attendees will continue analyzing how to achieve greater production efficiency and import substitution with better use of science and different techniques.

The Congress will also debate relevant issues in the legal field – which often presents various difficulties – such as contractual relationships established between production bases and the State, as well as the efficient use of land and the operation of the organization with regards to its social purpose and responsibilities to communities.

At present, the ANAP – founded on May 17, 1961 – brings together 3,343 grassroots organizations and more than 380,000 farmers.


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