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Putin Prioritizes Keeping the Pace in Modernization of Armed Forces

putin-rusiaStaring today, Russia is working with prioritized indicators to modernize its armed forces types, as directed by President Vladimir Putin at a meeting yesterday with senior military and industry representatives.

During the meeting held in Sochi, the president said that towards the end of this summer every military body must meet the planned parameters of modernization of its armament, and defined the corresponding figures, according to the TASS news agency.

The Army and Air Force have a corresponding share of 32 and 33 percent respectively, the Airborne Troops will reach an indicator of 40 percent, and the Navy and Aerospace Defense Forces will update their arsenals in about 50 percent, according to the Russian leader.

In general, the fulfillment itself of my instructions to the Ministry of Defense and the specialized departments of the ministry and industry has resulted in the build-up of the pace of rearmament of the Army and Navy, according to the head of the Kremlin.

Putin emphasized that the priority now is to keep up, to solve promptly the tasks related to joint competence, and meet strictly the confirmed schedule and terms of delivery.

He reiterated that by late summer the Armed Forces must meet the parameters of update of their arsenals with modern weaponry.

The first channel of Russian television showed a fragment of the meeting at which Putin highlighted the successes achieved in the last two years in discussions with military commanders and industrial companies on the progress in fulfilling state orders.

The optimization of the structure of the Russian army and its composition, as well as the weapons systems were approved last year. We have been working in some areas and making progress in each, he added.

According to Putin, the new prototypes of weapons, the military and special equipment created will reduce the need of their numbers. This means a reduction of the cost of the entire weapons program, he said.

He also added, this situation will help us not only to reduce the cost of maintenance, but also of production and implementation of the concept of the development of the automated command of the Armed Forces and of the control systems.

According to Putin, such a background will enable the phased introduction of the control of the troops’ effectiveness.

The Russian leader concluded that this system is designed for a period that extends until 2020.

(Prensa Latina)

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