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House-Sculpture Arouses Curiosity in Havana Biennial-2015

wifredo-lamA work built at the bottom of  Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center sowed doubt among the participants at the XII Biennial of Havana: is it a house or a sculpture?

For its creator, the Cuban artist known as ‘Candelario’, is neither one nor the other: it simply comes to art.

Candelario, whose real name is Carlos Ariel Luaces, spoke with Prensa Latina about E14LAM, a work inspired by a model of pre-fabricated apartments that proliferated in Cuba 40 years ago.

“This piece is an old dream, that after much thought we managed to set it in just 12 days, with the support of the Artistic Laboratory of San Agustin (LASA)”, explained the 44-year-old artist.

Inspired by the principle that art should be as necessary to people as dwellings, ‘Candelario’ bet on this ambiguity to trigger the people’s desire and interest to see the piece, touch it, and even inhabit it.

Participating for the third time in the Biennial with LASA, Candelario enjoys the pressure of working for an event like this, that has promoted all artistic expressions with an impact on society.

In fact, the work will remain set for display on the Lam Center, and will be inhabitted on the ground floor by an artist who will present there his ‘performances’ in order to keep E14LAM alive.

Last year, this work will leave the heart of Old Havana and will be exhibited in the suburb of San Augustin, where it will be inhabited by two LASA artists.

(Prensa Latina)

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