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Sean Penn and Andy Garcia opine about Cuba: can you imagine which one is interviewed by all major Spanish newspapers?

Andy García Seen PenSean Penn , who promotes his film “The Gunman” (1) , assuring in an US media that the so-called “trade embargo (from US against Cuba) is a lock in practice” and qualified as an “archaic” measure. He also highlighted “the positive consequences of the Cuban Revolution , as literacy”; and considered that a hypothetical normalization of relations between the two countries not only “bring exciting changes to the Island”, but Cuba “will also enrich culturally to US” .

However , Andy Garcia, who presented these days his film “Falling in Love” showed ” very angry at the (supposed) end of the block and with the approach of the Obama administration to Cuba”, we can read in the Faro de Vigo newspaper (3). “Any assistance tha woul be given to Cuba actually is given the Cuban government, ie to the Castro regime and its repression”, he claimed. He even denied the own existence of the block: ” the embargo is a tale”, claimed to El País newspaper (4). “The embargo that the Cuban government has to lift is the embargo on human rights, which lack to the Cuban people,” he added.

But , what means they believe they have appeared statements of each of these actors? How many people have been able to read , therefore, in each case? Let the great Spanish press. The three largest circulation newspaper in an interview published each … Andy Garcia. In all three , the reason for the interview is the premiere of his latest film. However, in the three … the owner does not mention it, but the political opinion of the actor on Cuba , a country that- way- not set the film.

“Andy Garcia : What needs to change is the Castro Cuba embargo human rights ” is the owner of ABC ( 5); “Andy Garcia and his beloved Cuba ” headlines El País ( 6); “Andy Garcia : US perpetuates the Castro ” , leads El Mundo ( 7).

In contrast, none of these three major newspapers became interested in -críticas statements with US policy , but at all ” militants” with cubana- cause of actor Sean Penn. Not one of them.

Treatment in all interviews with Andy Garcia is also a more than cloying kindness. Something shocking when this actor, whose family left Cuba the fall of the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista ( 8) , defend the positions of the extreme right in Miami: is honorary member of Brigade 2506 , made up of mercenaries who tried to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs (9); and participated in public actions as deplorable as supporting the kidnapping of Elián González in 1999 ( 10).

The ideology of Andy Garcia is evident in the only fiction film he has directed, ” The Lost City ” ( 11): a nostalgic song of bourgeois society Batista Cuba , where Che Guevara is a brutal murderer and where the hungry families, street children , landless peasants or the millions of illiterate people of Cuba before the Revolution (12 ) disappear . The Spanish agency EFE, in another interview reproduced by several newspapers , describes this film as ” a family drama about Cuban exile, inspired by ( the ) own history ” family of Andy Garcia ( 13). Indeed, it is a film that reflects the social vision and policy-and the concepts of justice and liberty of a Cuban bourgeois family of the time , like Andy Garcia , owner of a major perfume industry in Havana (14 ) .

But absolute vision of Cuban peasant population in the country, then -mayoritaria which over 47% were illiterate ( 15); more than 50% could not send their children to school ( 16) or more than 85 % lacked running water in their shacks ( 17).

That is , apparently , the Cuba ” freedom ” they dream of Cuban extremists as the actor Andy Garcia … hand friendly interviewers.

(José Manzaneda,Cubainformación)


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  1. Believe truth only / Seemstome...

    Anyone who cares enough to take care of a people’s education and health deserves to be a care taker of a country. Batista and upper class Cubans obviously did nothing for the the people but ignore them. In such a young country, without education or health care, would a good leader trust to bring about a democracy that would truly work after the revolution. I’d say Fidel had good reason. Maybe one day when The Cuban people is established enough, currency more equal and competitive in the world, and the people sees what Fidel and Che sees. – the world wide corruption that infiltrates democracies across the world by the laws made by the wealthy bank and corporations of the world. Fidel is a known humanitarian by the good and knowledgable people of the world, and the short sighted don’t see the world wide corruption in their own governments, media, bank and corporation powers. Open your eyes people of the world! We’ll all be slaves if you don’t open them soon!

  2. Samuel rios / andygarcia

    I’m sad about garcia’s right wing views. The bias in American reporting shows that they can’t survive in open and fair debate. And millions of Americans believe what they see and hear on tv. Its dangerous

    • Samuel rios / LaRevolucion

      Que viva la Revolucion Cubana


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