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Cuba Preserves the Socialist Character of the Revolution

fidel-castro-universidad-habana-27-noviembre-1960-discurso-580x390Cuba preserves the socialist character of its Revolution 54 years after its declaration, determined now to have a prosperous and sustainable socialism.

With an economic and social model being updated, Cuba carries out a process in which all society participates, and for which are implemented new forms of production and new regulations to facilitate development.

This nation does not forget the events that mark the month of April in the country’s history.

On Saturday, April 15, in 1961, enemy aircraft painted with insignias of the Revolutionary Armed Forces bombed the aerodrome of the Ciudad Libertad Army camp in the capital, the San Antonio de los Baños Airbase, to the southeast, and airfield of the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba.

The air strikes constituted a higher step in the many hostile actions that the US government had organized and financed with the stated goal of eliminating the Revolution.

The aggressions planned from American soil had included blowing up of the merchant ship La Coubre the previous year, burning cane fields, pirate attacks using boats on villages in the Cuban coast, attacks on government and social facilities, which claimed numerous lives.

Up until then, the Cuban government had issued important laws, including the Agrarian Reform, while a veritable army of young and adolescents taught the illiterate to read and write, even in the most remote places of the archipelago.

On April 16, during the funeral of the fallen during the bombings of the previous day, the people mobilized towards the vicinity of the Colon Cemetery. Cuban flags hung and flowers fell from the balconies.

The funeral procession and the march of thousands of people stopped in the since then historic crossing of the 23rd Ave. and 12th St., where the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro proclaimed that ‘this is the socialist and democratic revolution of the humble, with the humble and for the humble. And for this revolution of the humble, with the humble and for the humble, we are willing to give our lives,’ he said.

Referring to the US government, the leader said: ‘That’s what they cannot forgive us, that we are there right in their noses, and that we have made a socialist revolution in the noses of the United States!’

Thus the Cuban Revolution declared to the world, and Washington, its socialist character, hours before an invasion organized by the US administration arrived to the beach of Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs), in the western province of Matanzas.

Fidel Castro then accused the US administration of obstructing the peaceful march of the Cuban nation, destroying the economic resources of its people and the lives of its citizens, and demanded that the country take responsibility for the aggression.

These facts will teach us, these painful events will illustrate us and are going to show us, perhaps more clearly than any of those occurred until today, just what is imperialism, he said.

The image of the weapons up in the hands of men and women immortalized the full backing to the turn that would take henceforth the revolutionary process, which continues today on the Caribbean island.

(Prensa Latina)

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