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Cuban University Students in Virtual Sexuality Forum

Santiago de Cuba, Jan 10 (Prensa Latina) The First National Student Conclave Virtual University of learning about sexuality will be held at the Medical University of this city from the next 28 january, organizers said today.

Sexsalud 2013 will be carry out by Infomed, the telematics network system in Cuba, and it is sponsored by the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX), Provincial Information Center of Medical Sciences and magazines Alma Mater and April 16.

The debates will focus on sexuality in youth college of these days and will cover issues such as violence, human couple, family planning, family, adolescence, gender, functions and dysfunctions.

Diversity and sexual health, and sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, sexual and reproductive rights, seniors, treatment in the mass media, masculinity and femininity are also on the agenda.

The forum will run until February 28 and involve to the staff of higher education institutions, comprising a significant number of young teachers also interested in these issues.

With this interactive mode, the CENESEX expandes its coverage among the new generations of Cubans in order to achieve a healthy and responsible sexuality, with special emphasis among those formed in related medical specialties.

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