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Support for Cuba at the UN Makes Headlines

Havana, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) Media in many countries today are highlighting the condemnation from the UN General Assembly against the U.S. blockade of Cuba, with 188 countries in favor of ending this policy.

Newspapers, radio stations, TV channels and news agencies are publicizing the support received by Cuba as well as the speech delievered by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, about the economic, commercial and financial siege maintained by Washington for more than half a century.

The Washington Post emphasized the fact that the vote against the blockade took place for the 21st consecutive time and reported Rodriguez’s description of the blockade as “inhuman, failed and anachronistic.”

He also said that the sanctions have had a cumulative effect on the Cuban economy calculated in the loss of “almost a trillion dollars,” taking into account the devaluation of the currency.

In its section devoted to the events at the United Nations, The New York Times reprinted an item highlighting the speeches of the representatives at the UN who qualified the “blockade” as something archaic and punitive that ought to be filed away in history books.

Meanwhile, ABC News said the blockade was condemned “once again.”

In South America, a variety of Venezuelan newspapers also reported the event, including the Correo del Orinoco, The Universal and Latest News.

In addition to publishing the news of the vote, the American multinational Telesur reflected the positions of representatives of countries like Iran and Egypt in their speeches at the UN.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said that the United States’ only allies were Israel and the small island state of Palau.

The Dutch international broadcaster Radio Netherland said that the resolution on the need to end the blockade passed overwhelmingly with 188 votes in favor, “an umprecedented record”.

Russia Today, likewise, reported the news and emphasized: “Cuban authorities claim that the blockade is an act of aggression”.

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