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Solidarity and love for one’s neighbors defeat the blockade’s barriers

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The United States has not been able to control COVID-19. The Donald Trump administration did not react in time, played down the reality, and as a result more than 34,000 people have died. Yet the government finds time to attack Cuba.

The U.S. blockade of Cuba, the longest in history anywhere, has been maintained and tightened to limit the Cuban health system’s access to essential inputs to confront the deadly SARS CoV-2. Nonetheless, medical education on the island has overcome the barriers that have been erected by successive U.S. administrations, and which Trump has set out to reinforce.

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The world against the blockade

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The United Nations General Assembly voted today, October 26, to approve the Cuban resolution expressing the need to put an end to the over 50-year economic commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on the island.

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General Assembly session to vote on U.S. blockade of Cuba begins

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First to speak was the representative of African nations who reaffirmed their support to the Cuban resolution calling for an end to the hostile U.S. policy. He was followed by a speaker from Thailand, representing the Group of 77 +China, who expressed concern given the accumulated damage to the Cuban people caused by the blockade over many years, adding that President Obama could do more.

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US Blockade on Cuba is a Failure, It Should Cease, NYT Says


After the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, the U.S. Congress should lift the blockade imposed on the island because it is a failed policy, The New York Times says in an article. The normalization of ties between the two countries will take years and it will be an arduous process because there are difficult problems to resolve as the future of the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo, in eastern Cuba, whose occupation the Cuban government considers illegal, the text says.

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Term to Avoid Cuba”s Removal from Blacklist Expires in USA


The U.S. Congress has until today to decide on Cuba”s exclusion from the State Department”s list of alleged countries sponsoring international terrorism. The 45-day term will expire today. It was stipulated so the legislators -particularly those reluctant to the approach started in December 2014 between Washington and Havana- speak in favor of the decision notified on April 14 by President Barack Obama.

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Seven key points


It has been five months since Presidents Raúl Castro and Barack Obama announced on December 17 their intention to open a new chapter in relations between the United States and Cuba.
After an historic meeting between both leaders at the 7th Summit of the Americas, on May 21, the third round of conversations began in Washington, with the goal of advancing toward the reestablishment of diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies in both countries.

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Cuba and the United States begin third round of talks today


The Cuban and U.S. delegations will resume bilateral talks today, to be held at the Department of State in Washington, to continue advancing in the process of reestablishing diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies. Both sides have expressed optimism regarding the environment that surrounds this third round of talks.

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Cuba, USA to Talk in Appropriate Context, Official Says


The exclusion from the list of country sponsoring terrorism and other reached progresses could create an appropriate context to advance in the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States, an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) said. According to the website, the director general of the U.S. division at MINREX, Gustavo Machin, stated that efforts are underway to resume the banking services of the Cuban Interest Section in the northern nation.

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Lawsuit against the United States for financial damages

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ON May 5, 2000, the Civil and Administrative Court of Law at the Havana Provincial People’s Court rendered Judgment no.47 on Civil Case number 1, pursuant to the lawsuit of the People of Cuba vs. the Government of the United States, for financial damages inflicted on Cuba, filed by the country’s social and mass organizations. In an assessment of the factors that make up the framework of this criminal economic war.

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Cuba will come off the terrorist list, but the blockade will remain intact

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ON April 14, President Barack Obama notified the U.S. Congress of his decision to remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. From that date, the government must allow a period of 45 days for Congressional and public comment, before Cuba’s removal from the list becomes effective. Two weeks ago, Cuban-born Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Republican-Florida) introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to reverse the President’s decision. However, her efforts met with resounding failure, and she was forced to withdraw the bill