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General Assembly session to vote on U.S. blockade of Cuba begins

ONU votaciónFirst to speak was the representative of African nations who reaffirmed their support to the Cuban resolution calling for an end to the hostile U.S. policy. He was followed by a speaker from Thailand, representing the Group of 77 +China, who expressed concern given the accumulated damage to the Cuban people caused by the blockade over many years, adding that President Obama could do more.

Speaking for the Caribbean Community (Caricom) was the representative from Jamaica who stated that the blockade limits the ability of the proud, independent Cuban people from conducting basic financial transactions internationally, emphasizing that the policy’s goal of forcing change in Cuba has only produced suffering for the population.

The representative said that the anachronistic blockade violates the United Nations Charter and repeated General Assembly votes reflect worldwide solidarity with Cuba, adding that Caricom hopes to see this vestige of the Cold War end.

The Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) was represented by a speaker from Singapore who expressed support for Cuba’s resolution. He applauded progress made in relations between Cuba and the United States, while noting that much remains to be done, most importantly, eliminating the blockade.


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