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U.S.A Reaffirms Blockade Policy against Cuba

The U.S. government reaffirmed its blockade policy against Cuba by imposing a fine on a company in this country for doing business with the Caribbean island.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Treasury Department (OFAC) forced the company Great Western Malting Co. to pay 1 347 750 USD for allowing the sale of barley malt to Cuba between August 2006 and March 2009.

According to OFAC, the company made several transactions of this product with the government of Cuba through a foreign subsidiary.

The communique says that the corporation did not have an adequate mechanism for detecting the violation of the regulations imposed against the Caribbean nation.

Recently, the Treasury Department punished the Dutch bank ING with a fine of 619 million USD for facilitating transactions with Cuba.

This year the OFAC and the Department of Commerce has fined three U.S. and foreign companies, in compliance with the regulations of the blockade against Cuba, which has cost the island over 975 billion USD.

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