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President Raul Castro sent Condolence for Late Russian Diplomat

Cuban President Raul Castro sent a message of condolence for the death of former Soviet official Vitaly Vorotnikov, whom he described as a close friend of Cuba. The text, read in the funeral of the former Soviet Presidium´s Chairman, expresses deep sorrow for the death of Vorotnikov, remembered “with affection and respect” in Cuba.

“Please, receive my deepest sympathy and the testimony of my consideration,” says the note read by Cuban Ambassador to Russia Juan Valdes at the funeral of Vorotnikov, who was ambassador of the former Soviet Union to Havana.

Valdes described Vorotnikov as a true friend of Cuba´s, consistent and honest in every circumstance.

He was really linked to the fate of relations between our peoples, said the Cuban diplomat, who added that President Raul Castro and leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro sent wreaths to the funeral of who was also head of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

In the funeral, first deputy president of the DUma (Russian lower chamber) Ivan Melnikov, highlighted the fondness with which Varitnikov´s life and work are remembered in Cuba.

Nearly a dozen Russian notables spoke during the funeral, including former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov and former President of the Supreme Soviet of the former Soviet Union Anatoly Lukyanov.

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